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CMF CURO offers an affordable, Christ-centered alternative to health insurance that is fully consistent with the Catholic Faith. By becoming a member of CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries, you join a health sharing community that is MORE than insurance. It is Health Care Fully Alive!

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"CMF CURO is a viable Catholic solution to the health care problems in our homeland. It is viable because it relies upon a direct patient-physician relationship, because it respects freedom of religion, because it acknowledges that each of us is duty-bound before God to take care of ourselves, because it promotes active solidarity in the healthcare arena, and most of all, because it relies upon the One who is always reliable, Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

Cardinal Raymond Burke

"CMF CURO is a relatively new ministry that brings families and individuals together to share in each other's health care costs. While the coverage is not the same as a typical health insurance policy, CMF CURO is able to unite Catholics in solidarity and prayer, in contrast with the frequently bureaucratic and impersonal experience of health insurance companies."

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

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"This amazing ministry prays with you over the phone and offers mass for you and your intentions. They help negotiate with the medical providers to help make sure that you are getting the best care you can, and check in with you to see how everything is going on an occasional basis. I have NEVER in my life dealt with a company that cared more for their customers than I have with CURO. You are treated with the dignity of a human person, rather than an ID Group Number... I highly recommend them. They end every phone conversation with 'May God bless you and your family', and always ask 'How can we pray for you?' I mean, what health care provider does that? They are truly amazing!" 

The Holub Family

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